BSporty’s Fitness Programs

BSporty’s team with a collective experience of 50+ years in fitness suggests unique changes and inclusions in your daily life which will help your fitness regimen. For corporate, we encourage ‘Walk the Talk’ Meetings to get them going and rid them of the daily office lethargy. Many such suggestions are given for schools and even for residential communities.

How can BSporty Help in your Fitness?

Everyone from children to adults and senior citizens can get fit at BSporty. Every group is dealt differently as each of their fitness requirements is different. The fitness regimen for children is going to be very different from that of an adult or a senior citizen.

BSporty’s Fitness experts help in designing a fitness program that would suit you the best. BSporty’s Fitness programs are comprehensive with timely implementation and monitoring for progress and slip ups, if any.

    BSporty’s Fitness Programs are

  • Children’s Integrated Fitness
  • Executive Integrated Fitness
  • Senior Citizens Integrated Fitness

  • Women Integrated Fitness
  • Fitness for All

These Fitness Programs have the initial assessment of various biometric parameters to decide on the style and rigor of the fitness program. The Fitness programs for children are more towards athletics while those of adults lean towards strength training.

What does a Fitness Program have?

BSporty’s fitness programs are well rounded. They involve

  • Total workout sessions
  • Yoga
  • Recreational Sports
  • Customized Fitness Plan
  • Customized Nutrition Plan

This approach is helpful as it caters to unique needs and requirements of every individual. There are group fitness sessions too like aerobics, zumba etc. that break the monotony of individual exercises.

When you are involved in your fitness regimen and are an active participant in the planning of it, the motivation to succeed is higher. We design unique programs for all including schools, children, adults, corporates and senior citizens.

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