How To Get Kids Into Sports and Suitable Sports For Kids

How To Get Kids Into Sports and Suitable Sports For Kids

December 13, 2020

You must be curious and looking for “sports for kids near me” on Google. Is really taking your kid to such a place blindly sufficient? Getting your kid interested in sports is the first thing to do before considering such options.

A Few Facts

Do you know?

  • Just one in three children is active physically.
  • Not even 50% of the time spent on physical activities and sports involve enough physical movements to consider the physical activity.
  • Children spend more than 7 hours a day on TV, phone, laptop, etc.
  • About one in three children is obese or overweight.
  • Overweight children and teenagers have about a 70% chance of getting obese or overweight adults.

How To Get Kids Interested In Sports?

Parents play a big role in the life of children. So, if you want to get your kids interested in sports, parents have to play their part. Here are a few ways to get started to bring that interest in them.

1. Talk to Your Child’s Pediatrician:

Your child’s doctor can actually make your child understand the importance of physical activity. S/he might even suggest a suitable sport for your child.

2. Choose a Fun Activity:

What is the use if your child doesn’t enjoy the activity? S/he may stop abruptly. Continuing the activity is very important. Find and choose the one that your kid enjoys doing or playing. That way, your kid will continue the activity. If possible, involve the friends of your child.

3. Choose A Developmentally Appropriate Activity:

A child may not be ready for a run or weight lifting activity. However, activities like cycling, swimming, playing cricket, football, or volleyball.

4. Plan In Advance:

It’s important to make sure your child has a safe place and a convenient time to play. Hence, plan everything in advance.

5. Make Sure The Environment Is Safe:

It’s much important to check if the environment is safe. If you are hiring a coach, make sure they are trustworthy and safe. BSporty has professional and experienced coaches. They are experienced with children and know how to treat and train them.

6. Give Right Equipment:

Give balls, bat, jump ropes, etc. instead of dolls, car toys, etc.

7. Become Physically Active:

Children who see their parents showing interest in sports, are more likely to develop similar interests. Those whose parents lead a sedentary lifestyle, also show disinterest in sports. Be active and encourage your child. In fact, play with them.

8. Keep The Devices Away:

Limit the TV and phone. Keep them away as much as possible. Make your child use free time for physical activities and sports.

9. Make Some Time for Exercise:

Mostly children occupied with school, home works, music classes, etc., and hardly have time for exercise and games.

10. Overdoing Is Also Bad:

It’s true that physical activity is very important, but that doesn’t mean overdoing will do good to your kid. Hear out what your kid says about the activities. Sometimes, sudden changes may adversely affect the body, especially when the child has led a sedentary lifestyle for years. Vigorous activity may not be good. Give your child time to adjust. Let your child take time to slowly increase the activity. Talk to a doctor if needed.

Best Sports for Kids

There are plenty of kid sports games you can try, but make sure your child shows interest in it. Also, consider the age and maturity levels of your child before choosing the sport. Here are some suggestions based on the age of your child. Choose the right sport to play for your kid.

Ages 2 to 5: Running, tumbling, hopping, jumping, skipping, throwing and catching, swimming, climbing on playground equipment, riding a tricycle or bicycle, etc. 

Ages 6 to 9: T-ball, baseball or softball, running, gymnastics, soccer, tennis, dancing, swimming, martial arts, ice skating or rollerblading, skiing, jumping rope, hiking, etc.

Ages 10 to 12: Complex skill sports, such as basketball, football, hockey, volleyball, and basketball. This is the age when your child can improve skills with the help of a professional coach.

A professional coach can help your child get that interest you want to see in him/her. Search online for kids sports near me and you will find numerous, but choose the best one with professional coaches available. BSporty experienced coaches can not only bring enthusiasm but also coach them in a way that s/he gets used to the activities without overdoing anything to get affected. Besides, a healthy and balanced diet is equally important for a child for healthy growth. What else can be better than seeing your kids playing sports for their own benefit?

For more details regarding batches, timings, fees, etc. if you are looking for BSporty in Hyderabad, contact us.