10 Wonderful Summer Camp Games and Activities for Kids

10 Wonderful Summer Camp Games and Activities for Kids

November 11, 2020

Summer camps are setting trends in India very rapidly, while it’s very common in developed countries. Summer camps are organised usually during the summer vacation of schools so that the child can get ample time to explore something new and exciting during a month-long holiday. Summer camp is a community where children from various schools come together to have a wonderful time while learning life lessons, which benefits the child in the later part of life.

Why just kids? There are plenty of camps held for teenagers or youth, summer soccer camps and overnight summer camps being a few examples.

Summer camps impart a sense of independence to the child and to make summer camps interesting, and engaging many games and activities are organised in the camps so that the learning session can be fun. There are many activities which are performed in these camps; there are sports summer camps as well. While there is a long list of 10 wonderful summer camp games and activities for kids to enjoy and learn something from each of these.

10 Wonderful Summer Camp Activities for Kids

1. Day On The Field

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy – this proverb tells how important is the field activity for every child irrespective of the age group. Activities on the field make the child stronger and ensure maximum exposure. Activities such as the war of tug, sac race, balance race, a relay race with eggs/lemon on spoons, dice throw, memory race or musical chair are some of the activities, which can be organised with ease and also does not require any vast preparations. However, these wonderful summer camp games and activities for kids imparts connectivity among the children, while the motive to get the child exhausted and wet is also achieved which brings out the potential of the child. Therefore, field activities are the most important among all the other activities for all-round development.

2. Treasure Hunt

This activity keeps the children engaged and also sharpens their memory as in this activity, a clue or list of puzzles is given to the child to find the treasure which is hidden and the child has to solve each of the puzzles to reach the hidden treasure. This is one of the wonderful summer camp games and activities for kids since children get something interesting to do, while they also win the rewards in the form of treasure they search using their own brains.

3. Gardening

It is one of the most sought after and wonderful summer camp games and activities for kids since it develops care and responsibility among the children for nature and their surroundings. Teaching the children how to sow the seeds and why greenery is important for mankind gives them a sense of gardening, which they may develop as a hobby later on. Fast-growing seeds like green beans must be used and allowing the kids every day to tend their patch in the garden will make them understand how good food comes to the table from the farm and the importance of farming and gardening is developed.

4. Talent Show

This activity gives the child an opportunity and leverage to perform something in which they are best. The potential of every child is different and so is their talent, likes and dislikes. The talent show is among the 10 wonderful summer camp games and activities for kids, which enable them to show their talent without anyone forcing them while allowing them the freedom to perform their own way. For example, a child can be better at singing while the other may show great dance moves.

5. Water Activities

It is something which every child should be given the opportunity to explore. Water games also help to beat the heat during the summers while swimming lessons can make a child sharper and fit for the future. Playing dodge ball with water balloons is a very exciting part. Teams can be made and different coloured balloons should be given to each team and then tracking of the teams with maximum hits and further having the top two teams square off for a final dodgeball war.

 6. Solar Oven Cooking

Solar oven cooking is yet another beneficial activity which enables the child to understand the need of saving fuel and also encouraging the use of conventional sources of energy. All that is needed is an aluminium foil, a pizza box, and a few other supplies to create an oven and the activity begins. Also, cooking competition can be encouraged so that children can get a chance to cook something on their own.

7. Indoor Games

Indoor games prove to be an effective activity when it’s too hot to step out of the camps, but the children must be kept engaged. Games such as scrabble word game where the children have to make new words enhances their vocabulary, balloon tennis with balloons, fly swatters, and a net or rope strung between chairs are always liked by the children.

8. Organising Campfire

Camp wouldn’t be complete without a campfire. It gives refreshing experience to sing camp songs, hear ghost stories, and play fire camp games that don’t need a lot of preparation work to play.

9. What If Games

This is one of the most wonderful summer camp game and activity for the kids where children are required to think out of the box to find out what if the earth was flat instead of round or make them create a name, slogan, and sales pitch and can be rewarded with exciting gifts to encourage them.

10. Field Trips

It is very important to include a fun trip to the nearby areas of the summer camp such as touring a fire station, factory, recycling facility, museums, libraries, or zoos make great field trips, and also to the local water parks, or a tour to a local farm to pick berries or other fruits can impart great learning experience to the child.

To sum up, all the games have their own benefits and these ideas will impart plenty of ways to create a memorable camp experience—one that keeps kids coming back again and again. There are plenty of summer camps in Hyderabad; BSporty ground is perfect for summer sports camps.